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Customer Service

Customer service is the support you offer your customers both before and after they buy and use your products or services that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you.

Founder, Chief Consultant

Roseheather “Latrice” Gatison

Roseheather “Latrice” Gatison is a sought-after expert in small/corporate business, training, assessments, and analytical business structuring. Being the chief decision maker and voice for Visionaire Academy LLC’s training and consulting services Latrice has reached thousands with her expertise in organizational structure, strategic consulting, and marketing techniques. She has over 20+ years of servicing many of the world’s leading small business and global entities. She has expanded the business consulting sector to include Executive Coaching, Diversity Equity and Inclusion and to offer government contracting/grant opportunities in hopes of bettering today’s workforce. She leads her organization with very strategic and high impact business improvement processes to assist in leveraging less turnover and longevity in business. Being the founder of Visionaire Academy LLC, Latrice holds an Associates in Accounting, Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt, Life Coaching Certification, Talent Optimization Certification and has obtained her Bachelors Degree in Psychology with minors in Global Business and Leadership Development. Latrice is passionate about others success and growth. Latrice has worked with many high-level executives and a host of small business owners that have drastically exceeded their own expectations. She has a history of discovering root causes, analyzing processes and procedures, and delivering strategic resolutions. She develops plans that allow High Level Executives the opportunity to think outside the box so that they can meet their staff where they are. Latrice is results driven and has proven success building strategies that reduce cost, lean processes, and retain employees. She understands the importance of being a leader, honesty, integrity, reliability, communication, transparency, fairness, respect, ethical standards, and the power of influence. Her goal is to assist corporations with making the right choices that will develop long lasting & credible employment relationships. As a speaker and an author, she showcases her knowledge daily. There is no “I” in team. You must be willing to go the extra mile to get the best results.

COO / Financial Consultant

Stephen Addison

Stephen Addison is a technically skilled Accountant able to efficiently prepare the complete set of financial statements as well as manage Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Staff Payroll. Competent in maintaining accurate company-wide financial records and producing timely financial reports also proficient in several accounting software applications. A hard worker with a reputation for confidentiality and integrity. Proven ability to recognize and resolve discrepancies. Strong planning and organizational skills resulted in a significant improvement in financial controls. Proactive approach evident in the implementation of more efficient computerized systems. Possess strong analytical and financial reporting skills. A dedicated worker focused on improving financial performance. Proven senior level manager who uses an innovative approach to complex situations by applying effective people development skills with sound business management principles to enhance bottom line results. Stephen is dedicated to helping clients achieve business success by helping them establish practical and sound business/ personal tax and financial processes. Focused on services for small to large sized businesses, as well as clients in the banking and financial industry, he is committed to delivering tax and financial services that meet each client’s unique objectives. Stephen earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Strayer University in 2015 and later earned his Master of Science in Forensic Accounting in 2017 also from Strayer University.

Creative Director

Rebekah Jenkins

The creative direction of Rebekah Jenkins is focused on furthering company development by reviving bold, innovative design that stimulates growth while meeting high standards of professionalism and service. Rebekah has 20+ years of experience specializing in branding, print design, and visual communications as well as maintaining corporate identities, websites and marketing/promotional campaigns. Her concept ideation skills and execution of compelling creative projects across multiple media clearly convey brand voice, tone, and create immediate recognition. Rebekah is an innovator who understands the importance of the development process, maintains oversight of strong creative briefs and internal communications, is articulate, has excellent interpersonal skills.

Executive Administration

Lakea Stigger

Lakea Stigger is an Executive Assistant | Virtual assistant that is very passionate about helping businesses of all sizes. She assists high-level managers and professionals with correspondence, appointments and administrative tasks. She is proficient in business organization, perfecting time management, excelling in business growth and so much more. Lakea is a hard worker that is proficient in numerous systems. She has definitive analytical skills and thrives in complex working situations. Lakea is proficient in customer service training, organizational skills, has exceptional communications skills, pays extreme attention to detail, and has strong interpersonal skills. A dedicated worker that focuses on making the lives of CEO’s and others easier. She is committed to delivering and meeting the needs of clients in their own unique way.

Trainer & Executive Coach Intern

Naomi Thompson

After a successful 20-year military career, Naomi is transitioning into the world of Training and Executive Coaching with Visionaire Academy. Naomi currently holds a SECRET security clearance. In her most recent role, she led six departments as the Operations Chief of Medical Support and the Manager of Executive Support functions. Her focus was on providing the best patient care and processing improvements within a demanding customer service environment. She has conducted professional development for both junior and senior level personnel, helping leaders unlock their full potential by driving meaningful change within their organization. Her strong emotional intelligence allows her to utilize interpersonal skills to connect with people, improve processes and develop efficient operations. She also possesses strong relationship building and decision-making skills. Naomi is able to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously. She proactively resolves issues in an efficient and resourceful manner.

Trainer | Financial Operations

LaToya Carter

Latoya possesses over 25+years of Corporate America knowledge in the Supplemental Life and Health Insurance Industry. Successful creativity in the devising and implementation of business policies and strategies that were aligned with individuals/company culture, mission, and goals. Advanced experiences gained in leadership, project management, compliance auditing, risk analysis, and business process improvement & development. 

 10+years Community Outreach Ministry Leader responsible for creating and executing programs that serve members and the community with a focus on human resources, education, mentorship, life coaching, resume writing, interviewing skills, and adult reading skills.

Training | Operations Consultant

Brandy Elam

Brandy “Lade Breez” Elam is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, certified life coach, event host, mentor, certified counselor, and spoken word artist. The philanthropist, out of all the accolades and titles she bears, the ones Lade Breez holds dearest to her heart are wife and mother. She hails from Columbus, GA by way of Detroit, MI. As CEO of "Express Me Poetry" and founder of “Educated Blessyns Inc”, Lade Breez is not only a movement in her community by words alone, but her passion can be witnessed through numerous demonstrations for the cause. As a proud member of Lambda Zeta Phi Nu Fraternity Incorporated, actively involved in her community, Lade Breez is a motivational speaker to promote healthy mental health and well-being, an activist for Black Lives Matter, Women Against Domestic Violence, and The NoH8 Movement. Breez is affiliated with multiple youth residential/detention facilities to assist in growth and development of adolescents. She is also a life coach and mentor of children ages 8-19 under her non-profit organization, “Educated Blessyns”. Under the same umbrella, Lade Breez assists in relocating battered women and children out of abusive situations to safety as well as assisting with financial binds. Lade Breez is 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 Spoken Word Artist of the Year nominee; 2017, 2018, 2021, 2x 2022 Spoken Word Artist of the Year; 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Humanitarian Award nominee, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Host of the Year nominee; 2019, 2021, and 2022 2x Host Of the Year, Women’s History in the Making Community Leader Award nominee; 2019 Curvy Alliance recipient; 2019 Sybil Johnson Woman Of Excellence award recipient; 2021 Tri-City Poet of the Year; 2021 Unique Euphony publishing Poet of the Year; and 2022 Tricity Voice of The City Honoree. Lade Breez believes in "Improving this world one stage at a time” by hosting positivity-motivated events to assist in bringing the community together for an evening of enlightenment, entertainment and class: and through maintaining strong values in family, honor, integrity and the gift of helping others.

Communication​ Consultant​ & Trainer​

Michaelene Connor

Michaelene is a well renowned author of the book, Good Brain Bad Brain Your Brain, and a contributor to American Fitness Magazine. She has worked on education and consulting materials for top companies to include: Georgia Pacific, Honeywell, IBM, Levi Strauss, Mobile Oil, AT&T, Chase Manhattan, JCPenney, Pepsi-Cola Company, and numerous consulting firms and governments in Europe, Latin America, Asia, South Africa, and the form Soviet Union. Michaelene has helped create the graphic representation for Connor’s book Managing at the Speed of Change, Villard Books, New York, NY, Random House, INC. She has helped certify practitioners on how to apply change implementation within an organization to include: resilience training, stress training, and how to manage change. She provides her readership articles devoted to promoting a healthier, more sustainable life balance. Conner has been a global educator in change management strategies and holds a variety of national certifications specializing in Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, and group fitness formats. She has 25+ years of fitness experience. Conner’s “mind-body” cross-training approach provides our membership with a powerful mindset for optimizing fitness goals. Coach Connor Creates a collaborative and co-creative environment in which the individual can explore their beliefs, behaviors, and assumptions. She assists the individual in connecting the dots between who they are and who they want to be, through incremental shifts in behavior enabling them to succeed. Coach Connor is a credentialed health, fitness, and mental health practitioner who coaches clients on evidence-based areas of wellness. Mike also has several certifications and degrees within the area of focus.

  • Latrice is very knowledgeable in marketing strategy, especially using LinkedIn, which takes a special skill set. In these times, with networking in person out and Facebook posts only reaching a few people, and ads going up in price and down in reach, LinkedIn is the best other venue to reach your B2B audience, and she is skilled in helping you develop your total marketing strategy. It's a pleasure to work with her!
    D.Cassara, Think Large Consulting
    Business and Marketing Growth Consultant
  • Latrice is truly gifted at what she does. She has true passion and intuitiveness for helping others reach their highest potential. I was not expecting to receive all of the great insight and value she offered, but I am truly grateful that we crossed paths. She is a great person with a genuine spirit. I look forward to working with her again.
    M.Hewitt, Divine Business Sense
    Marketing Strategist for Small Businesses
  • Latrice goes above & beyond by strategizing endlessly & passionately in order to help her clients. She has helped me tremendously with my business operations & ethics. She had a clear understanding of my goals and exceeded my expectations! I urge anyone to work with Latrice if you’re ready go take your business to the next level!
    C.Wright, Kiss Chanel Designs
    Web Development & Graphics
  • Latrice is the consummate professional. As a serial entrepreneur, in at least two business (Staffing and Legal Tech), I’ve engaged Latrice to support a number of operational, sales, and business development functions. She’s a great addition to the team!!
    Bobby Robinson
    IntellyDoc & The Robinson Law Group, PLLC
  • Ms. Gatison was an instrumental part of my growth as an entrepreneur. During my business formation she consistently provided impactful information and strategy that increased my productivity and development.
    Powerful Beginnings Nonprofit Organization
  • I proudly recommend Visionaire Academy! Due to all their support and motivation. I was able to reach a goal that I thought was going to take years to complete. With encouragement and professionalism from the academy, I was able to complete my goal a lot quicker. Thanks for the push and everything you do!
  • I had the pleasure of being apart of Ms. Gatison’s business class a few years ago. The information she provided to help me become a successful business owner will stick with me forever. She is very well skilled and informative in providing the necessary business skills to help your business grow and become successful. She is always there to lend a listening ear and provide feedback to any needs I had as her student. She continues to provide nuggets and information to help my business be successful. If you are looking for someone who is passionate and dedicated in developing successful business owners I would recommend Ms.Gatison.J
    J.Jordan, BA, MPA
    JMJ Virtual Administrative Support
  • Latrice has been such a great support system and motivating factor in my business and career path. Since the day we met, I knew that she would help guide me in my pursuits. Two years later, I worked with Latrice on a consistent basis to develop my business. During this time, Latrice not only supported my business endeavors, but really took the time to listen to how my life reflects my work. I am truly proud to know her and would recommend her to anyone for business development, spiritual guidance, and visionary thinking.
    S.Malik, Samiyah Malik / Salam Sis
    UX Designer / Racial Equity Facilitator
  • Ms. Gatison is a hardworking person I had a pleasure of getting my business start up consulting and credit restoration coaching from. She is honest, determine and always made sure her positive attitude led first. I strongly recommend her for any needs you have with business preparation and consulting and credit restorations and tax preparation.
    Fredrick Sumbry, HCA Healthcare
    Senior Technical Analyst
  • Having known and worked with Latrice for years, I would say that she is a strong leader, facilitator and mentor. She has a passion for helping others and working with persons to achieve their goals. Latrice is a natural giver and will share her talents and secrets of success with anyone she can. Any opportunity to collaborate with her, I definitely look forward too as she is a huge asset to my network.
    M.Miss, Phoenix Leadership Solutions
    Training and Development
  • I had given up on lashing months ago a little before Covid ...I said I was done although then my clientele was steady I decided 3 months ago to start back but not of my clients came back because they had found someone else to service them in my absence so I struggled for a maybe a month or two trying to build my clientele back up but kept ending up at square 1 I recently booked a session with Latrice. After following direction and carefully critiquing the small things I’ve been fully booked days.
    KeKe Janene
    Lash Technician